Child Immunizations

While immunizations are never fun for children, they are an integral component in all children’s health as well as the health of the community in which they live.  It is the right of each parent to refuse vaccination for his or her children.  While immunizations are not “required,” they are legally requisite in Florida and other states in order for a child to attend daycare or school, public or private.  Unlike some pediatric practices, we currently will accept children whose parents refuse their vaccines since we feel those children should have access to good medical care despite their parents’ choices.  Parents of children not receiving immunizations will be required to sign a Vaccine Refusal form.  Please do not be angry at us for recommending vaccines at your office visits.  Immunization is safe and standard medical care.

Please understand that we refuse to be arbitrators between different parents.  Disagreements involving vaccination must be handled outside the confines of our office.  Any court-ordered arrangement must be supplied in writing for inclusion in the child’s medical record.

Our office follows the schedule of immunizations recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Please review the schedule below and always inform your healthcare provider of any questions or concerns you may have regarding a specific vaccine or vaccines in general at the time of your child’s well visit.

You can track what immunizations your child has received or needs with this online personalized schedule