School Physicals, Sports Physicals and Camp Physicals

We’re here to help your family stay active all year long!

Physicals are an important piece of your child’s healthcare.  They are designed to not only monitor your childs growth and development but to also address any issues or concerns that may arise.  School physicals also help notify and advise the school of any specific health issues that may affect your child, such as asthma, allergies or chronic conditions. The same applies for summer camp and sports physicals, which are important so coaches are aware of any medical issues or injuries that they should be aware of.

During your child’s physical exam, the physician will review your child’s health history, perform a complete medical exam, and complete any paperwork required by your sports team, summer camp or school.

Oftentimes school physicals and sports physicals can be completed based on previous well visits for our existing families. In these circumstances, we ask for 24 business hours to complete the form and return them to the family. Please be sure to fill out any portion of the form that is to be completed by the parent or guardian before giving the form to our office. This helps ensure the timely return of the requested forms.

If your child has not had a well visit with us in the last  year, a well visit appointment or a sports physical appointment must be scheduled and done first before we can complete the form. Please remember to complete all portions of the form that need to be filled out by your family and bring the form to your appointment. Our staff will complete the remaining portions of the form at the time of the visit.


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