Teen Healthcare

Teen healthcare is important.  Some of life’s most important decisions are made during one’s teenage years, particularly when it comes to his or her health and wellness. The physical, mental and emotional well-being of your teen is important for his or her development during a time when many changes are taking place.  Not only are teen bodies going through changes, including growth spurts and puberty, but new lifestyle changes and pressures also begin to occur as they gain more responsibilities and independence. These changes and added pressures can impact one’s physical, emotional and psychological health, as well as set the stage for a teen’s outcome as an adult. 

Pediatrics has historically been the only medical specialty that receives specific training in adolescent medicine during residency.  Our practice is equipped to attend to all of our patients’ needs, from infancy through adolescence, including a full range of teen healthcare services. Common areas of concerns for our teenagers include nutrition, sports, injuries, mental health, puberty, sexuality and adjusting to academic and social pressures. Teens also may need some immunizations to keep them healthy and protect them from certain illnesses and diseases.  Our physicians regularly manage teen healthcare by providing a safe, neutral setting where teenagers can feel comfortable asking the questions to which they need answers while receiving advice to keep them healthy and strong into adulthood.