Coronavirus (COVID-19)

What we're doing to keep you and our staff healthy!

We are making numerous changes to our office procedures during these extraordinary times. Please bear with us. It takes all of us time to get accustomed to change. 

In keeping with current CDC recommendations, we are attempting to keep as many people as possible out of the office. This policy is designed to keep both you and our staff out of harm’s way. In order to facilitate these goals, effective immediately: 

  • Only one parent/guardian per sick visit
  • Additional siblings without appointments are prohibited
  • Well care (check-ups) will only be offered for ages 2 and under; all others will be cancelled and rescheduled 
  • Sick and well children will be brought into the office at separate times – please inform us prior to your well-child appointment if your child is sick so that we can reschedule for a different time 
  • The hospital is currently screening everyone upon entry into the building 
  • We will be offering telehealth services via the Zoom application. This will require only that you have an electronic device with video and audio capabilities and the free Zoom app. This will be private and HIPAA compliant. These services have their limitations but might prevent your having to come into the office 
  • Patients will be triaged when making their appointments by either the staff or a provider to determine whether a telehealth or in-person visit is appropriate. 

We sincerely appreciate your help in navigating our way through this crisis. We are here for you as always and welcome any input you may have. Thank you so much for your cooperation and understanding.


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